Flatpack Services

Bought a fabulous new garden suit, but fear it may be winter by the time you've put it all together? Upgraded your dining room furniture, but have no time to cook and construct? Too tired to build that new pine bed? Storing clothes in the box the would-be wardrobe came in?

I provide an expert flat pack assembly service throughout Swale, Maidstone, Medway and Thanet to domestic households, landlords and other businesses.

Another useful and labour saving flat pack service I offer: The "Moving" Service. Moving home or business premises? I can dismantle those bulky wardrobes, beds etc, for ease of transportation, and reassemble everything at your new address.

All estimates are based on my standard rates, so you can be assured that you are getting great value for money for a quality service.

I will always ask you to email me the make and model of your new flat pack purchase, or at least give me a good description of it. For instance, if it's a wardrobe, how many doors are there, are there any draws? This is so that I can then give you a quote based on the actual job I'll be assembling: not all flat packs are the same, and I'd hate to ask you for £100 for a £70 job.

As a rough guide, I've listed a few generic items of furniture and what I would generally charge for assembly.

Dining chairs: 4 for £40, 6 for £55
Dining table: £30
Standard single/double bed: £40
Four poster bed: from £70
Tall bookcase: from £40
3 drawer chest: from £50
2 door wardrobe: from £60
2 door/3 drawer wardrobe: from £80
Metal Bicycle Store: from £120
Kids' playhouse: from £180

Created by Gary Newson