Dedicated Courier Service

If it fits in a small van, I'm your man!

If you have something that absolutely must be delivered to a mainland British address urgently, contact me. I can pick up from North Kent, and drop off anywhere in Mainland Britain, or vice versa. I can often work in the evening, late into the night, or at the weekend when other couriers are tucked up in bed.

When I take on a job with you, I will ask you to confirm by email what it is that I'll be carrying if you haven't already indicated this in writing. It's not me being nosey, I just like to know that I'm not carrying live animals, drugs, guns ammunition, explosives!

When I complete a delivery, I will email you an invoice, signed by the recipient to confirm that delivery has been made. You can then pay me promptly via instant bank transfer or by card through my PayPal account, whichever we agree to when I take on the job.

This is a dedicated service, so you can rest assured that I deal with you on an individual basis. I do not cram as much in as possible for multi-drop deliveries. Your cargo is as important to me as it is to you and your recipient.

Created by Gary Newson