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Entry Number 9. Service Your Sofa. All too often, people throw out perfectly good sofas, spending unnecessary amounts of money on new furniture, which by design, is worn out by the end of the two year guarantee. In little more than one minute, I can show you how to make your sofa feel like new, for a fraction of the cost of a new one.


Entry number 8: Homebrew For The Holidays. It's important to relax at the end of the year; Christmas, New Year, my birthday!

I've been brewing my own beer for a few years now, and I now, through trial and error, have come up with an unbeatable recipe. I don't give much away in the video. If you'd like the full recipe, get in touch!


Check out my blog. Learn about what I do, whilst learning how to do stuff for yourself! I hope to update this once a week, maybe more.

Entry number 7, Thoughts On Winter. With so much scaremongering in the tabloids about winter coming and how we're all doomed to freeze to death in a massive snow drift over the coming months, I thought I'd pass on some really obvious, but often overlooked survival tips.


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